• You may select your portfolio currency when setting up your account. Once it has been saved it is permanently set and cannot be changed.


Fine/Net Weight:

  • All weight measures displayed in the summaries are fine weight.
  • Definition: As opposed to Net Weight which measures the total weight of a piece, Fine Weight refers only to the precious metal component.
  • Adding a product: Enter the net weight (usually the weight displayed on the piece) and the fineness. MyPAMP will automatically calculate the fine weight for you.
  • Unit: This is variable. You can change the unit in the right hand block in the Bullion and Collectibles sections.


Fineness (Purity):

Fineness is a measure of purity, expressed as the number of parts per thousand that is precious metal. We express it as a fraction of 1 (i.e. 999.9 parts per thousand = 0.9999)



Locations enable you to filter your items according to storage location. Both Collectibles and Bullion can be stored in the same location.


Product images:

PAMP Products: All products currently listed on automatically display their images when added to the portfolio.

Non-PAMP Products: Images may be no more than 1MB in size and must be in jpeg/jpg formats.



Portfolio shows all items, Bullion and Collectibles, together. Collectibles are shown at appraised value and Bullion at spot value.



  • Spot: automatically updated as per the MyPAMP price feed. Note that this is a delayed price and is therefore an indicative value only. The length of delay is approximately 15 minutes but may vary.
  • Purchased: This is the purchase price that you enter when you record the information for each item in your portfolio. It is up to you, the account holder, to convert all purchase values into the portfolio currency.
  • Appraised: As for any work of art there are no quoted prices for collectibles. The appraised price is a static value for you to enter and update any time.


MyPAMP Data Security:

See our Data Privacy policy


Cancel your MyPAMP Account

To permanently cancel your MyPAMP™ account click here.

Note that this action will not de-register any registered products from the PAMP registry. See “Delete a Registered Product” in this section.


VeriScan™: The Evolution of PAMP Security Solutions

An industry first, the VeriScan Bullion Identification Security System utilizes a proprietary state-of-the-art process based on biometric identification technology. At the point of production, VeriScan maps the distinct micro-surfaces unique to each PAMP minted and cast bar – as distinct as a human fingerprint – and creates a corresponding digital I.D. that is immediately fed to a master database.


In turn, Authorized PAMP Distributors worldwide are equipped with mobile VeriScan scanners that quickly identify any PAMP bar, as easily as one might scan a document. VeriScan is non-destructive and provides consistent and highly accurate results, forming a breakthrough system that greatly aids in the detection of counterfeit bars, and in turn potentially decreases buy-back costs for distributors and customers alike.


PAMP products enabled with VeriScan™ bear the VeriScan logo on the CertiPAMP or official PAMP certificate.


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