About MyPAMP

  • View all your precious metal assets in one place, anywhere online
  • Bullion Investors: Track and manage your virtual portfolio with spot market valuations and charts
  • Collectors: Enjoy your collections with rich images, detailed information and appraisal valuations
  • All products, all brands accepted

MyPAMP is a web application which enables you to track and manage your precious metals products.


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium


MyPAMP allows you to add both PAMP and non-PAMP branded items. Selected PAMP products automatically display official images. You can also upload your own product images.


  • Bullion: Ingots, pendants, coins
  • Collectibles: Commemorative and numismatic coins, ingot pendants, premium ingots, jewelry
  • Digital Assets: Use the various description fields to record any precious metal asset/investment including ETFs, allocated and unallocated holdings

Attributes tracked:

  • Brand
  • Fine Metal Weight
  • Fineness
  • Year of Issue
  • Country
  • Shape and Design
  • Description
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) Number
  • Serial Number
  • Storage Location
  • Special features (e.g. VeriScan™)
  • Dealer
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Value
  • Appraised Value


  • Spot: Once your bullion product has been added, MyPAMP automatically updates the spot metal value (i.e. the market metal price excluding any premium) as per the MyPAMP  price feed
  • Appraised: As with any artwork there are no quoted prices for collectibles. Therefore, MyPAMP enables you to enter a static appraised value which you can update any time, according to your requirements
  • PAMP Price Feed: This is a delayed price and is therefore an indicative value only. The length of delay is usually approximately 15-minutes, but may vary


  • Pie-charts provide you with different graphic representations of your precious metal portfolio
  • Historical market charts will be available soon


  • You may select your portfolio currency when setting up your account. Once it has been saved it is permanently set and cannot be changed

Personal Product images:

You may upload your own customized images up to 1MB for any product.

MyPAMP  Data Security:

See our Data Privacy Policy